December 7, 2017 Xcel Energy customers face higher fixed fees, PSC misses opportunity to rein in monopoly profits
September 21, 2017 Governor Walker Signs Budget Supporting Utility Customer Advocacy
September 7, 2017 Rate Decision Locks in High Costs for We Energies Customers
March 6, 2017 CUB Hires New Executive Director
January 11, 2016 Citizens Utility Board Opposes Repeal of Wisconsin’s Nuclear Ratepayer Protection Law
January 8, 2016 CUB Statement on Repealing Wisconsin's nuclear ratepayer protection law
May 18, 2015 Green Bay Utility Wants to Charge Customers $300 a Year Even if They Never Turn Their Lights On
May 4, 2015 CUB Fights MMAC Attempt to Gut Funding for Challenges to Utility Rate Increases
April 16, 2015 National consumer protection organization urges Wisconsin legislative committee to restore CUB funding
April 15, 2015 Legislative Committee Votes to Gut Funding for Organizations that Fight Utility Rate Increase Proposals before the PSC
November 14, 2014 Giveaways to We Energies & Big Business Will Cost Residential Customers
November 6, 2014 Saving Money on Your Energy Bill Just Got Harder
April 16, 2014 CUB Sues PSC - Rate Discrimination Alleged
October 24, 2013 Citizens Utility Board Leadership Changes
July 11, 2013 CUB Helps Freeze MGE Electric Rates
February 26, 2013 CUB Testimony on SB 35 Which Would Reduce Public Disclosure of Proposed Transmission Lines
January 20, 2012 Joint Opinion Piece from CUB and Clean Wisconsin - Legislature should restore funds to Focus on Energy
January 19, 2012 $1 Billion Transmission Proposal Should Receive More Thorough Review of Costs and Alternatives, Not Fast-Tracked Special Treatment
December 15, 2011 CUB Helped Save Alliant Customers More Than $22 Million
December 8, 2011 CUB Helped Save XCEL Customers More Than $3.5 Million
December 1, 2011 CUB Helped Save MGE Customers More Than $14 Million
November 18, 2011 CUB Helped Save WPS Customers More Than $56 Million
September 21, 2011 CUB Testimony Regarding Liability of Public Utilities for Unbilled Utility Service
June 17, 2011 Joint Opinion Piece from CUB and Clean Wisconsin - Governor Walker Should Veto Focus on Energy Cuts
May 25, 2011 CUB Testimony Before Legislators Regarding Economic Development Rates
May 13, 2011 Letter to Legislators to Oppose Economic Development Rates
May 10, 2011 The Give-Away to the Telecom Industry, and the Take-Away of Grandma's Phone
May 3, 2011 Joint Finance Committee Cuts Energy Efficiency, Raises Energy Bills
April 20, 2011 Wisconsin Nuclear Expansion Plan: Groups Advise Caution
February 28, 2011 Van Hollen Should Sue NRC

December 22, 2010 PSC Sets Rates for MGE  Lower Than Requested
December 16, 2010 PSC Reduces Rate Hike Requested by WPS
December 15, 2010 Energy Efficiency Will Save Money For Ratepayers
November 16, 2010 Consumers Should Not Pay for Utility Bonuses
July 6, 2010 CUB Sues PSC Regarding Subsidies for Industrial Customers
April 16, 2010 Clean Energy Jobs Act Will Reduce Electricity Bills
April 7, 2010 Telephone Deregulation Legislation Will Harm Consumers
April 1, 2010 Residential Ratepayers Will Subsidize Industrial Customers

December 3, 2009 CUB Supports Recommendations of Gov. Doyle's Task Force on Global Warming
December 1, 2009 Nuclear Restrictions Still Make Sense
August 28, 2009 CUB and WIEG Sue PSC Regarding Wind Farm
May 21, 2009 Nuclear Power in Wisconsin
May 8, 2009 Alliant Hits Customers with Large Rate Hike Request
February 24, 2009 CUB, WPS to Develop Innovative Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program

November 11, 2008 PSC Rejects $1.3 Billion Alliant Coal Plant
August 12, 2008 CUB & Clean Wisconsin:  PSC Staff Slam Alliant's Coal Plant
April 8, 2008 PSC Should Deny We Energies Pollution Equipment Request
March 6, 2008 Assembly Threatens Wisconsin with Costs and Risks of Nuclear Power

December 20, 2007 PSC Reduces Size of We Energies Rate Increase
November 30, 2007 Ratepayers Should Not Pay for We Energies' Mistakes
November 14, 2007 PSC Should Not Deregulate ATT in the Dark
September 18, 2007 Sale of Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant Will Cause Higher Rates, More Nuclear Pollution, and Loss of Control Over Wisconsin's Nuclear Future
February 8, 2007 PSC Approves Risky Merger Between WPSR and Peoples
January 11, 2007 PSC Correctly Rejects Special Rates for ERCO

December 20, 2006 CUB Opposes Sale of Point Beach Nuclear Plant
November 13, 2006 WPL Ratepayers Should Not Bail Out ERCO
May 16, 2006 Flawed Design of Arrowhead Transmission Line Threatens Blackouts
March 8, 2006 Assembly Passes Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Legislation

November 10, 2005 PSC Decision Gouges Ratepayers of We Energies
October 31, 2005 PSC Decision Means Higher Prices for SBC Phone Service
October 03, 2005 CUB Supports Decision-Making Reforms at PSC
August 31, 2005 Alliant Energy Ratepayers Slammed by Another Rate Hike
August 08, 2005 CUB Fights to Stop SBC Phone Deregulation and Price Hike
July 05, 2005 CUB: Kewaunee Nuclear Plant Sale Will Not Result In Promised Customer Benefits
June 28, 2005 Supreme Court Decision a "Whitewash" for Consumers and Environment
June 09, 2005 CUB Fights WPS Attempt to Steal $127 Million from Ratepayers
May 20, 2005 CUB Takes PSC to Court to Stop Nuke Sale